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Conduct Matters! The value of your degree, your educational environment, and the community standards that make the University of Oregon such an amazing place to be are up to all of us to uphold.  There are many opportunities to contribute;  get involved and help create, maintain, and uphold community standards at the University of Oregon.


There are three  committees that utilize faculty, staff and students in different capacities for the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards: the University Hearings Board, SCCS Committee, and the University Appeals Board.
University Hearings Board:  The Hearings Board consists of 8 fac/staff and 10 students who consider allegations of Student Conduct Code violations, determine responsibility, and issue sanctions (ranging from a warning to expulsion) if appropriate.  Conduct cases may involve alleged drug and/or alcohol use, academic misconduct, behavior disrupting the University, physical or sexual assault, or any other alleged violation of the Student Conduct Code
SCCS CommitteeThe SCCS Committee consists of 4 fac/staff and 4 students who are currently working towards re-writing the UO Student Conduct Code.  This includes the conduct process, jurisdiction, violations, sanctions and the appeal process.  This committee must consider both the rights and responsibilities of accused students, affected parties, as well as the University community as a whole.  This committee helps to identify the community standards to which all students are expected to abide.
Appeals Board Consisting of of 3 fac/staff and 3 students, this board is the final appeals body within the Student Conduct Program and is responsible for reviewing appeals from the decisions of the Student Conduct Hearings Board.  The University Appeals Board does not hear live testimony, but evaluates records and reviews arguments from previous panel hearings. Appeals are allowed only in limited circumstances.


Hearings Officer: The primary role of the Hearings Officer is to hear, investigate and render decisions of alleged violations of the UO Student Conduct Code.  This position is a Graduate Teaching Fellowship requiring an average of 19.5 hours per week; it supplies a full tuition waiver as well as a stipend and insurance benefits. 
Applications for 2013-2014 are now available; review will begin April 24, 2013.  Please feel free to contact Rachel Basolo at with any questions about the position.   
The full position description and application process is available at:

SCCS also has opportunities for work-study students, internships, or project-based contributions.  If you would like to explore options to get involved with Student Conduct and Community Standards, please contact Rachel Basolo at 541-346-1140 or