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Where Do We Go from Here?

Becoming  familiar with the process helps things go even smoother. Read this chart so you can know what to expect, and get more information about different parts of the process. To get more information, click the small duck print in the corner of a box.


Student Conduct and Community Standards Process Flowchart: Complaint ~ Decision ~ Case Closed

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Any Person Submits a report of potential student misconduct SCCS determines that UO does not have jurisdiction or that the reported behavior is not a violation of the student conduct code. No further conduct action occurs. SCCS may refer complainant to other resources for addressing concerns. Administrative Conferences: The conference cna take place immediately after the student selects it. The student has the opportunity to explani what happened to an administrator. If the administrator finds the student responsible, the administrator may impose educational sanctions except for suspension, expulsion, and negative notation on the transcript. The decision cannot be appealed. Panel Hearing: SCCS will schedule the hearing 20-30 days from the Noteice of the Panel Hearing. Panel Hearings are recorded, scripted events. All involved parties have the opportunity to explain what happened to a panel of four or five faculty, staff and students. If the panel finds the student responsible, it may impost any educational sanction(s), including suspension, expulsion, and negative notation on the transcript Either party may appeal the decision and/or sanctions to the University Appeals board, and ultimately to the Oregon Court of Appeals. Student Receives Decision Letter stating what charges they were found responsible for and outlining the sanctions and due dates. diagram