Student Life



Common College Student Concerns

Missing Class

If you have or will miss a class or classes due to illness, family emergency, etc., the best thing to do is to contact your professor(s) and explain your situation.  You may work out any arrangements for assignments or tests directly with them.  It is up to the individual professor to decide if they will make accommodations for assignments, given your situation.  Academic Advising will communicate with your professors if you are physically unable to do so.  Even in these situations, it is important that you communicate with your professors as soon as you are able.

Financial Difficulties

If you experience temporary problems that leave you strapped for cash, such as medical expenses, car repair, etc., you can take out a $300 emergency loan from the Business Office on the first floor in Oregon Hall.  This is borrowed against your student account, and you can be eligible for one loan per quarter.  However, if you owe on your student account, you may not be able to get the emergency loan.

You may also go to the Office of Financial Aid and talk with someone about your situation to see if there are any funds available for you.

Feeling Stressed

As college students, you have many obligations that can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  The University Counseling and Testing Center has drop-in hours Monday through Friday, from 1:00-4:00 PM, and can provide strategies for dealing with stress. 

Suicide rates in the U.S. are highest in the spring. If you are concerned about a student who might be at risk for suicide, you can click here.

Can't Keep Up with Class

Sometimes life circumstances can make it difficult to keep up with classes.  If you find yourself in this situation, you may consider the following:

Talk with your professors

They may be willing to make accommodations so you are able to complete the coursework.

Seek Tutoring or Study Groups

The University Teaching and Learning Center (formerly Academic Learning Services) offers resources including tutoring, study groups, workshops, writing labs, etc.

Drop the class

You may drop a class using your DuckWeb account. Dropping a class means that class will not show up on your transcript.  However, in order to drop a class you must do so early in the quarter. For drop deadlines, look at the Academic Dates and Deadlines Calendar.  If you have further questions about dropping a class, please talk to Academic Advising.

Withdraw from class

You may withdraw from a class using your DuckWeb account.  Once the deadline for dropping a class passes, you have the option of withdrawing from a course.  If you withdraw from a course, that class will appear on your transcript as a W.  When you withdraw during the quarter will also determine how much of a refund you will receive.  For more information on withdrawal deadlines and the refund schedule, refer to the Academic Dates and Deadlines Calendar.  If you have further questions about withdrawing from a class, please talk to Academic Advising.

Take an Incomplete

If you have completed a large amount of the assignments for a class, you may have the option of receiving an Incomplete.  Talk with your professor, as it is his or her decision to grant an Incomplete for the course.  If you take an Incomplete, you will have an I on your transcript for that class, and you will have one year to complete the coursework.  When you have completed the assignments, your grade will switch from an I to whatever grade you have earned.  If you do not complete the work within the year, you will receive an F for that course on your transcript.  If you have questions, please talk to Academic Advising.

Complete Withdrawal

If you need to take a break from the University, you can take a complete withdrawal from all your courses via DuckWeb.  However, before you do that, you must be aware that you are no longer eligible for University services, such as University Child Care centers; Health Center; Counseling Center; etc.  You may return to the University within 3 terms (not including summer terms) by going online and registering for classes.  If you stay away for longer than 3 terms (not including summer terms), you must fill out a reenrollment form through the University Registrar's Office. If you have questions about complete withdrawals, please talk to Academic Advising.


Not seeing the information you are looking for? 

Dean of Students staff members are available for drop in appointments, Monday through Friday, from 1:00-5:00 pm, in 164 Oregon Hall.  Please come and see us!