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Conflict Resolution Services / Servicios de Resolución de Conflicto

Transforming conflict through communication                                                Transformando el conflicto a través de la comunicación

Conflict Resolution Services asists individuals and groups in aquiring and integrating effective communication skills into all aspects of their lives. We provide impartial and confidential services for working through difficulties/conflcit, making decisions, or planning for the future. Our services are free for the UO community.

When would I use Conflict Resolution Services?

CRS can help resolve a wide variety of conflicts including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Problems with roommates, neighbors, landlords, or tenants
  • Arguments with friends or partners
  • Difficulties with a supervisor, employee, or co-worker
  • Difference of opinion in a student organization
  • Group project participants want to work more effectively together
  • Difficulties with professors, advisors, or classmates
  • Problems with team members or coaches

Contact:; 541-346-0617

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