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Substance Abuse Prevention and Student Success

The University of Oregon has a long-standing commitment to proactively addressing high-risk drinking and substance abuse on the campus.  We take pride in creating a campus that is a celebrative one — a campus not denigrated by the misuse of alcohol and other drugs. The goal of current prevention, assessment and treatment efforts at the UO is to change this culture of drinking. By intervening in the environmental factors that make alcohol readily available to underage students, and by offering alternatives to using alcohol as a way to deal with stress or to gain social approval, the misuse of alcohol on our campus will hopefully be reduced.

At the UO, both harm reduction and primary preventative approaches are used when addressing alcohol issues. Harm reduction is a public health philosophy that seeks to lessen the dangers around alcohol use and risk of harm. Primary prevention works to prevent alcohol and other drug use and abuse. The Substance Abuse Prevention and Student Success program promotes a responsible behavior around alcohol use including awareness, education, and compliance with campus policies and state and federal law. Through the use of best practices, the UO strives to decrease high-risk drinking and its negative consequences among UO students. Our substance abuse prevention programs and services are evidenced-based, comprehensive, and coordinated with campus and community partners. 
To change the culture of drinking on campus, the UO supports the use of comprehensive, integrated programs with multiple complementary components, a conceptual 3-in-1 framework for prevention efforts identified by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), which targets: (1) individuals (including at-risk subpopulations or alcohol-dependent drinkers), (2) the student population as a whole, (3) the institution, and (4) the surrounding community (Hingson and Howland, 2002; DeJong et al., 1998; Institute of Medicine, 1989).
We realize that the issue of high-risk drinking on college campuses across the country is pervasive, and that the misuse and abuse of alcohol and other substances interferes with our students’ ability to be academically and personally successful. We invite you to become familiar with the resources at the University of Oregon and in the greater Eugene community.

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Concerned About a Friend?

Do you think your friend’s alcohol or drug use is becoming an issue? Are they skipping classes, not turning in assignments, behaving erratically, or becoming withdrawn? As a friend you have the power to help. You have built a trusting relationship, and they look to you for advice and information. You can be a resource for them. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. Instead you may be unwittingly offering your silent approval of their behavior.

Feel free to call us to get advice on how to deal with the situation:

Jennifer Summers, Director of Substance Abuse Prevention and Student Success

Office of the Dean of Students

University of Oregon


Phone: (541) 346-3216


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